What should I bring to my floral consultation?

Your designer wants to create an event full of beautiful memories for you and your family. We will be able to offer you more creative suggestions, and ensure your personal style is reflected in your event, based on the information that you provide.

Any items that you bring in are beneficial to the consultation process. Pictures of bouquets or centerpieces that you may enjoy or a swatch of a particular color pallet all help in the design of your event. Photos or fabric samples of your dress or linens show the style you are looking to incorporate into such a special day.

Before setting up a consultation there are a few items you should know:
The number of attendants, family members and other items you will want floral items created.
What colors you plan on using for your event
Where will your ceremony and reception locations be?
Your estimated guest count

How much should I budget for my wedding flowers?

Every bride has a budget, and we do our best to design events that into consideration, the couple’s personal style as well as their budget. The following is an estimated guide to common wedding items; a more formal proposal will be put together for you following the consultation process. The average bride can expect to spend 10-15% of their wedding budget aside for floral items.

Personal Flowers:
Bridal Bouquet: $175-$650
Bridesmaids Bouquets: $60-200
Flower Girl: $10-125
Head Wreaths: $30-125
Corsages: $30-75
Boutonnieres: $15-40
Toss Bouquet: $35-75

Arbors or Chuppas: $175-1200
Aisle Markers: $30-150
Alter Arrangements: $75-225

Dining Tables: $30-300
Head Table: $30-350
Cocktail Tables: $20-50
Buffet Arrangements: $50-700
Cake Flowers: $30-325

Florists are skilled in their trade!  They take pride in their work and often times will go above and beyond what is stated in their contract to ensure that your wedding flowers are MORE than what you expected.  Overall, 30% of your floral total will be tied into labor…don’t flinch at this because as easy as it looks, floral design requires skill, patience and creativity.