Flowers are ordered 3 weeks prior to a major event. They are received at our Studio three days prior to the event, processed with water, floral preservative, refrigerated and then used in design.

Prices of fresh product may fluctuate according to the season and the supplier, and as with any purchased item there is a mark-up on wholesale cost of that item. (3-6% is industry standard)

The designer labor cost is a percentage that ranges from 20% to 35%. (35% is industry recommended). The average bridal bouquet takes approximately an hour to make. After the design is complete, it is sprayed with a floral finishing spray to help the flowers retain freshness and finally, carefully packaged for delivery!

The bouquet below is composed of approximately 36 stems of flowers; the following is a breakdown of the cost of making this bouquet.

10 stems of white ranunculus: $ 4.88 per stem: $48.80
5 stems of white lilac: $10.56 per stem: $52.80
7 stems of white dahlias: $11.84 per stem: $82.88
9 stems of white roses: $4.00 per stem: $36.00
5 stems of greenery: $1.60per stem: $8.00

1 yard of ribbon: $6.65
Floral corsage pins $0.03 each: $0.18

Floral Cost: $228.48
Hard goods (ribbon, pins, tape): $6.83
Labor (25%): $58.83

Bouquet Total: $294.14